Stunning Venues for Photo Shoot in Karachi-Historical

Preserving our memories has become one of the most important part of our lives. Our special occasions cannot go undocumented, most importantly, our WEDDINGS! Searching for the perfect view in Karachi can often be tricky. But we have put together a list of venues that you can select from to have your bridal shoot at!
The venues are categorized under several headings to make things easier for you.

Historical Places

  1. Frere Hall

    The Frere Hall is considered Karachi’s most iconic building. It was built during the British era in 1865. It is built in the Venetian-Gothic style that also blends elements of British architecture with local architectural elements, making it a gorgeous site for your wedding photo shoot which is also very easily accessible.
    Accessibly: Free and easy

  2. Mohatta Palace

    Mohatta Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Karachi. The mansion was built by the Mohatta family in the 1920s as a summer house, and remains notable for its beautiful gardens, which surround the main palace building build local yellow Gizri stone and pink stone from Jodhpur. The Mohatta Palace was built in a style to revive Mughal Architecture.
    Accessibility: Restricted- Need special permission

  3. Flag Staff House (Quaid’s House)

    The house was built in 1890. Mr Jinnah purchased it in 1944 and lived for a few years, which is now used as a museum. The building has a beautiful antique look making it a great venue for your shoot.
    Accessibility: Free

  4. Hindu Gymkhana

    The Hindu Gymkhana, located in Saddar. It was built during the colonial era with stones brought from Bajapur. Its architecture is influenced and derived from the Mughal Hindu mixed style which characterizes Akber’s Fathepur Sikri.
    Accessibility: Restricted

  5. Mazar-e-Quaid

    The mausoleum is an architectural masterpiece as the massive structure is built and adorned with white marble. It is truly a beautiful site and a great place to have your shoot. However, you must choose your timings wisely to avoid crowds.
    Accessibility: No restrictions but a little unsafe

  6. Jahangir Kothari Parade

    Jahangir Kothari Parade is located in Clifton which links to the Bin Qasim Park. The architecture of Jahangir Kothari Parade is divided into two structures; The Lady Lloyd Pier and The Promenade Pavilion. The structures were established in 1920 and were built with pink stone from Jodhpur. However, it was restored from bad condition in 2007 along with the launch of Karachi’s biggest park. The Lady Lloyd Pier runs down the middle of the park giving stunning views.
    Accessibility: Free and easy

  7. Makli

  8. The historical monuments at Makli, Thatta, presents an impressive order of monumental buildings in different architectural styles. The structures are influenced by various styles including Mughal imperial architecture and Gujrat style architecture.
    Several people chose to travel to Thatta to get incredible pictures with these beautifully structures carved with intricate designs.
    Accessibility: Free but far

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