Venues for Photo Shoot (Part II)-Mosques and Public Spaces

Preserving our memories has become one of the most important part of our lives. Our special occasions cannot go undocumented, most importantly, our WEDDINGS! Searching for the perfect view in Karachi can often be tricky. But we have put together a list of venues that you can select from to have your bridal shoot at!
The venues are categorized under several headings to make things easier for you.


  1. Tooba Masjid

Tooba Masjid is a gorgeous mosque located in DHA, near the main Korangi road. It is the 18th largest mosque in the world with a huge dome with a diameter on 212 feet. The mosque is built with marble and embellished with mirrors on the inside. It is modern and exquisite icon of Islamic architecture.

Accessibility: Permission for photography required by the DHA office.

2. Shah Jahan Mosque (Thatta)

Wanted to have your dream wedding photoshoot at the Badshahi mosque but one little problem, you’re in Karachi. For all those couples facing this problem, we have found you a gorgeous alternative. Many do not know about this incredible beauty located in Thatta, at around a 3-hour drive from Karachi.  It was built by Shah Jahan during his reign with red bricks and blue times. It has stunning intricate designs and stone carvings. It has a total of 93 dome, becoming the mosque with the most domes in the world. Plan your photoshoot at the Shah Jahan Mosque and I promise you AMAZING pictures that you will cherish forever.

Accessibility: Free but far

Public Spaces

3. Port Grand

Port Grand is a beautiful food street in Karachi located near the Netty Jetty Bridge. It has a gorgeous view of the sea as well as the ships. The street itself is adorned with beautiful structures and street lights making it a great secured venue to have your shoot.

Accessibility: Rs.300 Entry fee

4. Nishan-e-Pakistan

Nishan-e-Pakistan is a newly built structure located near Sea View. It is a national monument to praise the very important personalities of Pakistan. The modern and beautifully designed structure will lead to beautiful pictures with the sea and the sky in the background.

Accessibility: Free (but sometimes its closed so you may have to take permission prior to the shoot)

5. Customs House

The Customs House Building was recently renovated and the outside area is now turned into a beautiful street with elegant street lights and fountains. Surely it is an odd place to have a wedding shoot, but it’s a magnificent building with recently refurbished street, giving us access to our public spaces and we must make full use of it.

Accessibility: Free (Rs.30 car entry charges)

6. Bahria Town

Bahria Town is the newly built gated community located at a 30-minute drive from the Karachi highway. The town has beautiful parks and structures that will result in some stunning photography. The Greco-Roman Pillars, the stone structures and the replicated Trafalgar’s square are great spots for a good shoot.

Accessibility: Free

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