What Brides go through

Finally found your prince charming? Or someone who met around 20% of the requirements? Sure, they didn’t pop out of a fairy-tale book, but you gotta dress up like a princess on your big day! All brides go through a butt loads of torture right before their wedding, mental and physical(starving yourself to look awesome in the pictures). Grab on tight to this bumpy journey till you’re off to your honeymoon trip!


The torture starts off with the constant nagging and reminders about how you should NEVER step out in the sun a few months before the wedding… Which means limited day time visits, the excess use of sunblock, and a HELL NO for any kind of beach trip! Every Pakistani girl goes through this torture, unless she has the perfect milky white complexion that every rishta aunty is searching for like a hawk.

The Dress

Always dreamt of wearing the most gorgeous dress with a long tail or a beautiful sharara that you can spin in to take stunning pictures? Well the day has come for you to finally get that one perfect dress. But the prices of the dress will surely make your dad consider selling a few organs.

Let the hunger games begin

And then of course, most (if not every bride) makes it her mission to lose up to 50 pounds before the wedding… The diets and boot camps begin!

Attempting to cook!

If you are one of those girls who have always been afraid to go near fire and thus never tried cooking, now is probably the time when you will start experimenting.

Wedding Shopping

Possibly the most fun part for a girl during her wedding! WEDDING SHOPPING! You get to buy new clothes, cosmetics, shoes, purses… In short a shopoholics or any girls dream come true! (Given that you like shopping.)

Realization of inflation

Weddings are SO EXPENSIVE! Damn. Everything, starting from your dress to your photographer to your makeup artist! The word ‘Bridal’ equals to a 10,000-package turning into a 50,000 package!

Pro tip– While prepping for your wedding, ask for engagement décor, engagement makeup and so on! That will surely cut some costs.

Emotions erupting

Every bride-to-be has a mixture of emotions boiling inside of her! One little movement and you might let the trigger off. Just be very delicate and gentle with the bride-to-be to make sure the everything goes smoothly.

Best Friend Crisis

A bride needs her best girls to be there at the wedding NO MATTER WHAT! No BFF(s)=instant panic!

No we don’t have brides maids, but we have a ‘best friend’ or  a ‘best cousin’ without whom you will just refuse to tie the knot! The slightest chances of them not being available during your wedding creates a lot of panic and drama.


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