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Fun And Unique Mehndi Themes

Wedding season is right around the corner and nowadays a desi wedding is truly incomplete without a mehndi/dholki function. This is the most fun event of the entire series, and we must fully avail this chance to make it an ‘off the hook’ event!

We all want to do something new and something special, to make it a night to remember. What could be more exciting than having a THEMED Mehendi? We have listed a number of themes that you could have for your upcoming Mehendi Event to bring new twist and a lot of excitement to your wedding!





Revive your childhood memories of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine to turn it into an exciting mehndi theme. The colors blue, purple and pink usually dominate this theme, but feel free to make alterations. Set up beautiful lanterns and colorful jars as your center pieces. This theme will also be budget friendly because instead of tables and chairs you will need to place takhts and cushions for seating. It goes perfectly with the Mehendi theme and binds everything together. Place hukkas or sheeshas to create a more Arabic effect, and also add to the fun.

Moreover, the girls can add to the theme by wearing veils for a few dance sequences. And since it is an Arabian theme, you could ask the DJ to put on Arabic songs and music in the background as the couple enters!

(Just an idea: You could find a friendly monkey and name him ‘Abu’ (Aladdin’s monkey) and ask the monkey trainer to present a little monkey show with the dugdugi (tiny drum thing). But make sure there’s no animal abuse involved.)





Rajasthani culture is vibrant and colorful with a rich historical background that in many ways reflects ancient India’s way of life, and therefore becoming a part of our ancient culture too. Royal Rajasthani Wedding Theme is both vintage and chic being the perfect choice for couples.

If you are a bride who loves traditional jewelry, this is the theme for you. Kundan is an essential element of Rajasthani jewelry as the style originated from Rajasthan. Brides can wear kundan teekas (head jewels), mathapatis, necklaces, kamarbands (gemstone belts), payal and much more.  This jewelry style works well with the wedding outfit too.

The use of ‘chhatris’ (dome shaped pavilions) is very common in Rajasthani architecture. This can be used for the theme by setting up and decorating actual umbrellas. Furthermore, the Royal Rajasthani Theme décor could include elephants, clay pots and men with turbans (pagri) and flutes to give a traditional look.

Bollywood Theme


Bollywood theme is quickly becoming one of the popular mehndi themes. The life comes to the mehndi when we all start dancing to all those cheap Bollywood songs. And for all those Shahrukh Khan fans out there, WE HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT THEME FOR YOU.

Set up a super sassy Bollywood style entrance and line up posters, banners and stands throughout the hall. Decorate the stage with exciting décor such as the clapper boards (device used by the director), fun lights and pictures of actors.

To make things even more exciting, set up a huge clapper board at the entrance for the guests to write out wishes for the bride and groom. The Mehendi invitations could also be made to look like clapper boards to get the guests curious and excited.Do check out the Khaadi outlet at ‘The Place’ Mall to get some more ideas for a Bollywood Themed set up.




This theme will only work for couples who have been together for a while before their wedding. If it’s a love marriage, then this would a be a super cute theme. Start with the beginning of when the couple met, write the date and put up a picture of the two. Then some pictures of them as they became friends and hung out. Put up all the special memories of the two on picture and set it up as a trail from the from to the stage.

It will show the guests how adorable the two are together and get blessings from them. And at the same time, it will remind the couple how they have grown together and lived through the ups and downs of life and will do the same in the future.

You can also have fun questionnaires related to the couple or ask the guests to write a special memory they have of them. And someone can put up a slide show of all their past memories together. This is a great idea for shaadi or mehndi, but I would prefer mehndi as it is for your close friends and family.


Peacock Theme


The Peacock is a gorgeous bird and several times seen at the entrances of weddings. Why not take it up a notch to create an entire mehndi theme out of it? The shades of the peacock throughout the décor looks elegant and unique.

Truck Art


A rising form of art in Pakistan is the truck art. It has recently gained a lot of popularity which can be seen at different cafes, restaurants as well as on clothing and shoes. Truck art is an exuberant and lively form of art with a lot of cultural values and traditions attached to it.

A Truck Art Themed Mehendi could be a superhit! Popping vibrant colors is what you need at a mehndi event and Truck Art is perfect to create that effect. There are so many fun things you could do at a Truck Art Themed Mehendi. Set up a photo booth with fun props and enter on rickshaws painted with typical truck art to wow the guests. The girls can dress traditionally with parrandas and the guys could tie a cloth around their heads to give that truck driver look to make the mehndi lively and exciting.


Carnival/Mela Theme


Make your mehndi super fun by putting up a mela theme. It will keep your guests engaged and the kids will also love it. A mela is loved by all because there’s so much to do and the little street food stalls keep you occupied.

The Mehendi will be vibrant and fun! Set up mela related props and decorations throughout the venue. To further elevate your event, rent out some mela swings such as the mini Ferris wheel, the pirate ship etc.

Instead of keeping proper dinner food (biryani, qorma), keep snacks on stalls to create that mela effect. Food items like pani puri, kachori, bun kababs are super fun and loved by all! Plus, it is also budget friendly.



For all those who have ever been to a Bohri wedding, you would know why this is on the list. It isn’t really a theme, but rather a beautiful culture that brings you together. Their eating rituals are unique and follows the sunnah way.

The food is served in a huge steel thaal out of which 6-10 people can eat. The thaal is slightly elevated from the floor while everyone is seated around it. The servers first bring a teapot like utensil to wash your hands, then salt is served- everyone takes a pinch before they start the meal. Then, some dessert (mithai) is served and after that the food is served. Each item Is served one at a time and the guests are supposed to each with their hands directly from the thaal. It is a truly unique and beautiful experience and enjoying a meal like this brings you closer to your loved ones on these special occasions.


All these are exciting themes to make your wedding a fun and memorable one. Mehndi is that one function where everyone can go crazy and experiment with new ideas. Eventualle will help you bring together an unforgettable night!


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