Ideas And Venues For The Perfect Date Night!

Want to plan something special for your anniversary or your loved ones birthday? Planning to pop the big question? Or just want to have a romantic evening together?

No matter how creative you are, sometimes it’s difficult to plan out the perfect evening with her/him. Eventualle can help you plan the perfect unique customized evening based on your taste and preference. We have also gathered a list of the best venues to spend your prefect evening together.



Take a trip to the beach and have everything prearranged through Eventualle, for him/her. The picturesque view of the beach at sunset is the most romantic view someone could get. Enjoy the time with your special one in peace and tranquility as you take a walk on the beach. The element of surprise will be enough to make the evening special and the placidity of the sea will make things all the more better.

Dream World Lake

The Dream World Resort is a beautiful place, located on the outskirts of Karachi. Eventualle can help you create a gorgeous popup gazebo by the lake which will make her/him fall in love with you all over again! It’s a scene right out of a perfect romantic movie and will surely make them tear up. The set up is highly recommended for wedding anniversary surprises as well as birthday dinners for two.

This has been executed by Eventualle in the past and it was a great success. The couple had an amazing special evening followed by some fun activities at dream world.


No, it’s not impossible to have a great time at home.  If you are the type who loves to stay at home, this is the perfect idea!

While he/she is out, plan the day ahead. Allow your kids to have a nice time at their cousins or friends place, while you prepare for your perfect evening with your significant other. Clean up the house and decorate flowers and candles. Rent a projector and set up a home theater to watch your all-time favorite movie together. Followed by a perfectly cooked meal that he/she loves! Focus on the little details, for example, wear their favorite dress/suit, cologne, get their favorite dessert and snacks and spend a great time together without stepping out of the house.

P.S.: If your loved one is usually tired after getting back home, draw a relaxing bath with scented bombs and if a bath tub isn’t available, then just prepare all the things beforehand (such as new toiletries:shampoo, body washes, scrubs etc.) as well as their clothes to change into.


What could be more romantic than a dinner for two as the boat cruises in the sea? Karachi is gifted with the sea and now is the time to fully avail this blessing. Book a boat or a cruise from Savors or the Marina Club and get it decorated with flowers, lights, balloons (depending on the occasion). Get a beautiful table arranged with an elegant meal and leave your loved one flabbergasted!

Port Grand

Port Grand is one of the most romantic places in Karachi. Located near the Netty Jetty Bridge, it is a beautiful street with food stalls on one and activities on the other. The time before sunset at Port Grand is phenomenal as you enjoy the beautiful view of the colorful sky. There are several activities such as horse cart rides, karaoke, virtual sports and much more. And to make things all the more better, there are boating facilities right outside Port Grand! (tip: visit on a weekday to avoid the crowd.)

Bahria Town

If you and your loved one are fond of long drives take a mini road trip to Bahria Town. Trust me, Bahria Town will not be a disappointment. It is an ideal time to visit as not are not a lot of residents and all the infrastructure has all been placed. The place is so peaceful and soothing, away from the crowds in Karachi. You can run, shout and take cheesy pictures no one will be there to judge you.

I visited a couple of months back and it was one of the most serene experiences I’ve had in Karachi. There are several food stalls and restaurants set up near the entrance. The weather was incredible as fresh soft breeze blew throughout. The infrastructure at Bahria Town look phenomenal at night.  One can drive for as long as they want on the wide captivating well-lit roads.



A perfect low budget date set up that will leave your loved ones amazed! However, you will have to keep in mind the weather factor. Living in Karachi, usually its quite humid, so if your special occasion falls during winters, it’ll be perfect. Otherwise, you can also arrange portable coolers.

Decorate your garden or your rooftop with lights, candles and flowers! Set up a table for two and prepare a special meal for two. (Do not forget the dessert) Take lots of pictures and end the date by lighting a flying lantern and watching it float high into the sky creating an unforgettable moment!

Make your date night extra special with Eventualle as we can help you make arrangements to make it one of the most memorable night of your life.

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