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Nothing is Impossible!-Tooba’s Story

Eventualle’s second official member was a small-town girl, Tooba Zahid. Although her family belonged to Noshero Feroz (interior Sindh) she was born and educated in Hyderabad. She completed her BBA honors in 2006 from Hyderabad Sindh University. After her bachelors, she decided to pursue Islamic studies and became an Aalima.  Belonging to a society where girls do not often work, Tooba too faced certain pressures from her family regarding her working in the corporate world, but she decided to apply anyway. She interned at Bank Al-Habib in Hyderabad and a few years later she moved to Karachi along with her family.

She began to look for a job in Karachi right after. She applied to a number of places but was not able to find a job. Tooba found a gym buddy to help her apply to several places and she did. She realized that her naqab became a constraint as organizations refused to accept her with her covering and some would not even accept her resume without a photograph that showed her face. Who knew that it would be so difficult to follow your religion in a country that attained independence to practice it? Who knew that Muslims will be discriminated in an Islamic Republic only because they decided to follow Islam?

Day after day, Tooba was losing all hope of finding any kind of work and her confidence had been shattered due to the constant rejections. Until one day, her gym buddy called her up to enquire if there was any luck, and as she refused, she was offered a position at the newly hatched Eventualle.

Tooba was over whelmed, and had a difficult time convincing her mother to let her go out to work, but soon, she found herself working with Zoya (Founder of Eventualle). Together, they began to start developing the business, and during the first few months all she did was gather information from all the vendors as well as offer them to form contracts with Eventualle.

Tooba claims that not once has she faced any sort of hiccup while working at Eventualle based on her dressing. She said the environment is so friendly and respectful, she would never even think of leaving this place. Over the years she learnt so much and got a major confidence boost while working with Zoya and other members such as Hunain and Zaqir who stood as the backbone of the startup.

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