9 Stunning Wedding Entry Ideas

Want to plan a wedding entrance that will make your guests wow? Here are some ideas that Eventualle can help you execute!

1. Balloon, Petal or Confetti Drop

Instead of having girls shove petals in your face and your guests face, arrange a petal drop from the ceiling or even a balloon or confetti drop to give your wedding a new exciting twist! Stick to petals if you want to keep things traditional, but balloons and confetti give a new twist and will also keep the kids amazed and entertained throughout.

2. Play with the lights

Arrange a little laser show for your wedding entrance. Create a rave by handing out glow sticks to your guests. Get some groovy pictures as the guest’s holdup glow sticks as you enter.
If lasers don’t tempt you, make you entry super memorable by releasing flying lanterns in the sky as you step in the hall.

3. Enter on a speed boat

For all those weddings happening near the sea, you have the option to enter on a boat! Wedding venues at Beach Luxury Club, Creek Club, Marina Club etc. can make this possible! This is for all the brides who love adventure and want to make an entry with style that will leave the guests amazed!

4. Bride in a Box

Big things come in small packages! Or Big Packages… Make a surprise entrance for the groom in a delivery package.

This was executed by one of my cousins and everyone loved it. There was an announcement for the groom to collect his delivery and was then asked to open the box. And BOOM! The bride was waiting for her groom inside the package.

5. Enter as the guests hold up sparkles


Fireworks are my favorite! Make your guests hold up sparkles for you at the entrance and make a stunning entry! Avoid the loud fireworks and keep it sweet and simple by using phuljaris or sparklers so get some jaw dropping wedding photographs!

6. Bride on a Bike?

If you know how to ride a bike, this is the day to show it off! If not, maybe a bicycle? And if all of that isn’t possible, then add a gorgeous cart behind the cycle to create an awe-inspiring entrance!

7. Horses!!!


Time to revive our traditional customs and maybe alter it a bit too?  Enter on a gorgeous horse cart to revive your childhood fairy-tale wedding memories.  And if you are a little more adventurous, then ride the horse yourself!

And to take things up a notch, try an Elephant maybe? 😉

8. Use Colored Smoke Bombs


Color bombs are ideal for day weddings! Make a stunning entry with the colored smoke bombs in the background. It is one of the coolest trends to get epic wedding photos! Don’t worry it wont get your clothes dirty either!


Choreograph a stunning flash mob to make a stunning entry. For those of you who don’t know, a flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a brief time, then quickly disperse. The sudden change of music and lighting with leave the guests excited and amazed for the gorgeous surprise.

Plan your wedding with Eventualle Events to make all of this possible!!!

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