5 Unique Outdoor Birthday Ideas

Can’t decide what to do for your kids birthday this year? Here are some ideas that will make this the best and the most memorable birthday of their life!

1. Art Attack
Let the kids go wild with fun art activities that they usually never get to do because things will get too messy. Make proper outdoor arrangements and let things get messy!
Ask the kids to get clothes or provide them aprons (depends on the level of messiness).
Games such as paint twister and paint balloon shooting will be fantastic.
P.S. Make sure there is a washing area so the paint does not get out of control.


2. Petting Zoo Party
If your child is an animal lover this will be the best birthday idea for him/her! Rent out some lawn area and some friendly farm animals for your kids to interact with. Animals such as lambs, rabbits, ducklings and ponies are ideal.


3. Water Party
Most kids love to play in the water. Let them have a splendid time on their birthday by arranging a backyard water park! Get inflatable pools, slides, water balloons and that’s all you will need for the kids to have the time of their lives. For some more thrill, set up a splash pad too!
Don’t forget to set up a washing and drying area too!



4. Fantasy Birthday
An ideal theme for a girls’ birthday party. Unicorns are every girls fantasy. Make everything unicorn themed to amaze your little girl. And to make things more exciting, rent a white horse and attach a horn.
For some great ideas, check out the link below.


5. Campout Birthday
Let your kids enjoy the fun of camping. Set up tents and a small bonfire area for the kids to sit around and sing as the roast marshmallows. A great birthday theme specially during the winters.









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