Clever Tips to Cut Down Wedding Costs

Who ever thought weddings would cost THIS MUCH? These are some tricks that will save you thousands.

Save up on the Venue

Being a Pakistani, we can’t just have one event for our wedding.

Venues are usually the most expensive items on your wedding list. Find creative ways to cut down on your venue budget by planning a venue slightly far from the city. Farmhouses can become the perfect place for a mini destination wedding.

Plan your smaller events such as; mayon, qawwali night, mehendi or even engagement/nikkah ceremonies at a relative’s house who has a big lawn, instead of booking a banquet. After all, these events are to enjoy with close relatives and friends rather than your dad’s chacha’s son’s wife and kids, RIGHT?

Nikkah at the masjid, followed by a tea party at home, is another great way to save up on the venue costs.

One Dish Menu

Keep things simple by having a single dish menu instead of 15 dishes. For those who don’t know, this is an official law in Punjab.  A biryani is the standard shaadi dish that everyone loves. If you don’t want to stick to the traditional stuff, how about fried chicken broast with fries or maybe PIZZA? Who wouldn’t love that? By cutting down on your menu items, you can really save up for other things.

Services as Wedding Gifts

These days we all know someone who is a great photographer, an event planner or maybe a DJ or a choreographer. Instead of taking wedding gifts from them, ask them to help you out with these essential wedding services.

Package Deals!

Hire a planner or caterer that provides you a package deal and deals with all your wedding hassle. It saves up plenty of time, money and trouble. And we all know where you can get the best planners in town? 😉 Eventualle can become the solution for all your wedding concerns and provide you package deals based on your needs and demands, all inclusive of venue, catering, décor, sound system etc.

DIY Invites

Try to send out E-invites whenever possible to save up on paper. Making groups on Facebook is the new trend. But when sending out invites is absolutely important, then make your own by using online templates and printing them out. Keep things simple and elegant instead of using the gaudy thick invites.

‘Two in One’ Events

When Mehendi becomes an absolute must for a girls wedding, and you can’t have too many events, then combo events become the best deal. SHENDI (Shaadi and Mehndi) is the new big thing in Pakistan. By cutting down on events you can save a fortune! Fewer outfits to spend on, less food to spend on and one less venue to book and pay for.

Timing is Key

Cut your wedding costs by planning it out of season. Avoid December, January, July and August as wedding season is at its peak during these month, which means prices for venues and decorations will also be high. Moreover, having your wedding on a weekday may also cut your costs down.

Pre-plan and make bookings in advance to get avoid last minute cost increases.

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